Parke Avery is a man constantly in thought. He thinks about people; where he’s been, where he’s going. Whatever he’s got going through his mind, it almost seamlessly can go down on paper and into a song.  His first solo offering, Wishful Thinking, traces his growth as a songwriter and as a human being. It leaves listeners with a certain warmth and excitement.

He finds pride in moving forward, writing songs for himself yet also allowing listeners to connect in a way that is hard to match with other songwriters.

“I used to have an agenda with my songs,” confesses Parke, when speaking of his growth, “I’ve become a lot more comfortable just writing what’s inside me and not being so anxious that every listener walk away having had some existential awakening.”

Wishful Thinking is as grandiose as it is precise while always being irresistibly catchy. The title track acts as a mission statement. An on-going profession of doubt backed by huge guitars and lush strings.  On songs like “Adele,” Parke subtly sings of the frustration of blind consumption and existing in the artistic shadow of the song’s namesake.  These song are breaking the ground for a long, yet promising road for Parke Avery. What’s next is left to fate.

“Time will tell.” says Parke Avery of the future, “I’ve definitely got a folk spirit in a rock body. Who knows what that will evolve into.”