Wishful Thinking FREE this week on Noisetrade!

Yes. You heard correctly. This week on Noisetrade.com under the New & Notable section Wishful Thinking is available for free download! I hope that if you’ve just happened upon my page that you’ll jump on snagging the music and spreading the word!


Thanks for being a part of this!





Snippet #2: Yaweh

This is an old poem I wrote back in 2009. Hope you enjoy this snippet.




His eyes cast shadows off the trees;

Like light through a broken jar,

Fragmented into streams of gleaming

Molecules touching the surface,

Canopying the ocean deep with

Colors never before seen;

Bursting the atoms down the middle.


Atlantis quakes, for the sound of his voice

Splinters the earth and tremors the seas

Like the footsteps of a giant, bending his

Bow for the kill whose patient calloused hands

Are rewarded only by the snow

Collected on his skin and the numerous creatures

That greet his immovable posture with a piercing



And there He stands.

A mammoth tower of gold stuck forever with

Swords; a fiery spire, climbing endlessly into



Yesterday I promised you some new stuff – and today I deliver said stuff to you. It’s a video. Of me. Playing my song Adele. And the link is right here…







10,000 Views on T-Swift cover video!

Wow. You guys are amazing.

Last night my video of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic’ hit 10,000 views! That got me really excited. So much so that I think I’m going to post another video very soon…

To be the first one to hear/see it, subscribe to my YouTube page here!  –> https://www.youtube.com/user/ilovemyface555 <–


Until next time…



The Snippets Begin – #1

I’m a firm believer that the simplest shared thought can be a great help to those who’ll hear (or in this case, read). That’s why I’m beginning a new chapter for myself as an artist in sharing written authentic pieces of who I am in the hopes that if nothing else, you might enjoy reading them. What’s more? That you might benefit from them. I can’t promise eloquence but I can promise honesty.

So here we go…

#1 – For Jereme

Nothing can ever take away who you are.
The hardest hells – the biggest mistakes -
All they can do is hurt your heart
And lie to you and say,
‘You don’t have what it takes’

But I call bullshit on the Devil’s bluff.
He plays the game and plays it well,
But words are not enough
To ever make me sell
The story that’s ours to tell.

We are all in this together -
Joined at the clock and air.
Though time and seasons weather,
Apart we fair but linked we share

If and when you need a hand,
Or a foot or an eye or ear,
I’ll do my very best to stand
Or watch or walk or hear.


Share The Love!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen…

Merry belated Christmas!! I hope that your Christmases were bright and that many a chestnuts were roasted upon your open fires. I think I gained a solid 5lbs in the course of this week. Tis the season to eat poorly.

My record, Wishful Thinking, came out on November 6th and it’s been a blast to hear from ya’ll about favorite songs n such. I wanted to ask a HUGE favor of you…I would love it if you would send the iTunes link to 5 of your closest friends and tell them they can use their iTunes gift cards they got for Christmas! It’s only $4.99 and I’d love to continue spreading as we cross over into the new year.

And as always, if you don’t, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. That way you can see all my pictures of girls I have crushes on and friends that dress cooler than me.

iTunes: – http://bit.ly/12TRyTx

Thanks for being awesome.

Adios for now, ya’ll.
Parke Avery


Hello friends – Parke here with an update about what’s going on in my world!

It was just a little over a month ago that I release the Wishful Thinking EP! I’ve been blown away by your response and kind words. It’s been a thrill to play house shows and club shows to promote it and I’m just getting started! I’ve started booking shows for 2013 and I’m excited to let you know that I am still booking house shows throughout the Eastern US! So if you’re interested in hosting a show in your living room, email booking@parkeavery.com and we can set up a special night of music and make some awesome memories together.

You can get my EP here –> http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=574975694

Please tell your friends and let me know what you think here!


Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces real soon!

Love Internationally…
Parke Avery

I Want To Play A Show In Your Living Room!

There are a surplus of houses in this great nation of ours but far too few musicians playing music inside of them. I vote that we change that – but I need your help.

If you’re interested in hosting a concert at your house, shoot an email to booking@parkeavery.com and we can start connecting conversations, music and food sooner than later.

Hello. My name is Parke Avery and I want to play a show in your living room!


Thank You/iTunes Up!

Como. Estas.

I released the Wishful Thinking EP yesterday and seriously? The response was AWESOME! Thank you to everyone who bought it and/or tweeted and/or facebooked and/or instagramed and/or told their friends – you made yesterday brilliant.

Also it’s officially on iTunes now! Whoohoo! The link is below…

iTunes: –> Wishful Thinking

Again – THANK YOU – and help me tell the world.


Problem with iTunes – EP Available on Amazon.com

Woke up to find that there’s a slight problem with the EP on iTunes. We’re woking to get it all sorted as QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

The good news is that it IS up on amazon.com and the link to purchase is right here —> http://amzn.to/UgcIKG

I’ll report back as soon as all the iTunes stuff is worked out!