Story Behind The Song: Goodbye

A failed relationship is a hard thing to deal with. Whether it’s a friendship, girlfriend/boyfriend, marriage or a family tie that’s broken, mending that spot in your heart takes time. This song didn’t take hardly any time at all to write because it was so fresh in my life. At 3am it was just like breathing how naturally the words came. ‘Last night it rained in my heart when we parted ways; but it’s a good thing.’ I just needed to explain to myself what just happened and that’s how this song happened.

This song is all about space. Minimal instruments, free beat and delicately tense. Piano, voice, cello and violin. Our thought is that it’s important for their to be not much else going on when you’re explaining something very dear to you. We wanted to almost hear the room we were recording in.

Here’s the clip for the final song from the Wishful Thinking EP – OUT TOMORROW ON ITUNES!

Story Behind The Song: Reaching

Reaching is a song that was born out of struggle. It took over two years to finish writing, which is indicative of the first line of the chorus, ‘Heaven and hell are both encouraging me to fight for their sides’. Tension and struggle wove their way naturally into this song musically as well. Interesting chord progressions and different emphasis on beats evoke a very specific feel in this song.

Producer Chad Robison co-wrote this song with me and early on we both agreed that this is another song that we would want to feel really big (cue the HUGE electric guitars). We experimented with lots of guitar tones and debuted the first recording I played the guitar slide on.

Story Behind The Song: Adele

‘On songs like “Adele,” Parke subtly sings of the frustration of blind consumption and existing in the artistic shadow of the song’s namesake.’

This is a bittersweet song. I love Adele. She writes great music and I’m pretty sure she bartered with an angel for that voice. But ever since she got in the spotlight, she’s made it increasingly hard to get to her level – and so this song was born.

Acoustic guitar + electric guitars + drums & bass + vocals = all ya need. Less is often more and we capitalized on that with the raw instrumentation.

Story Behind The Song: Wishful Thinking

This song mostly speaks for itself – Wishful Thinking. It’s a song about what could be, reality and the response to living in a confusing world. ‘I wish everything was free – freer than and freer still the stillness of the stars and broken friendships and marriages don’t have to fall apart’. They don’t but they do. This song is a reality check but also a rallying cry. The bridge/singalong chant for us to get up and ‘dance and sing!’ Why? You tell me.

I wrote this song with a very specific ‘Irish jig’ kind of vibe in my head that I thought translated really well on acoustic guitar. I wanted it to sound BIG and to have an epic feel (enter the string section). We kinda just went for it and the outcome sounds prrreettttyyy sweet!

Hope you like this clip of the song Wishful Thinking!

Story Behind The Song: Begin Again

This song was inspired during a season of life where I was getting really sick of the same old thing: I wanted change. I wanted to take the ordinary and give it a new twist. ‘Its the thrill of starting over’ is a line in the chorus that sums it all up – grabbing hold of the people you love and moving towards a new and better chapter of life. It excites me just thinking about what that means for me right now!
From the very beginning, I knew I wanted this song to be energetic but not too frantic so we blended the acoustic guitar and piano with big drums and electric guitar chords to give it a raw yet desirable sound. One might say the sound is…better than bad – it’s good.

Hope you enjoy this clip of Begin Again!

Nashville EP Release Show!


We’re just ONE WEEK away from the Wishful Thinking EP being released next Tuesday November 6th! I’m really excited to share this music with anyone and everyone that will listen. Starting tomorrow thru Saturday and then finally on Monday I’ll be posting 30 second clips and blurbs about each song; EG. what the song’s about, how I wrote them, choice of instruments etc. They’ll be available here on the website and make sure to catch all the episodes as each song  will only be up for one day at a time!

AND on November 8th, I’m doing a release show in Nashville at Bongo Java’s After Hours Theater across from Belmont University! My good friend Seth Wood and new friend REID are gonna be there as well to make the night extra magical so mark you calendar, Nashville friends!




The Wishful Thinking EP – Out November 6th!

I’m pleased to announce that my Wishful Thinking EP will be released a month from now on Tuesday November 6th!

Check out the teaser video here!  - Wishful Thinking Teaser -  and look for release shows in the southeast soon!

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Looking forward to hanging and playing some tunes. Cheers to autumn!


Parke Avery

Murfreesboro w/Elenowen

Tonight Elenowen and I are singing some songs at The Walnut House in Murfreesboro. It’s always a good time and I hope that if you’re close that you’ll come and hang out with us.

Wishful Thinking Almost Here

Things are kicking in HIGH GEAR for the release of my Wishful Thinking EP. It’s mixed and mastered. It sounds ridiculously good. I’m getting my ducks in a row here in Nashville and to tell you the truth, I’m excited. Stay tuned, friends – it’s bout to get cray up in HERE.

Check Out Elenowen

Real talk: my two best friends in the world, Josh and Nicole of Elenowen, might be some of the best songwriters in Nashville right now. If you don’t know their music, shame on you. Go NOW.