The Snippets Begin – #1

I’m a firm believer that the simplest shared thought can be a great help to those who’ll hear (or in this case, read). That’s why I’m beginning a new chapter for myself as an artist in sharing written authentic pieces of who I am in the hopes that if nothing else, you might enjoy reading them. What’s more? That you might benefit from them. I can’t promise eloquence but I can promise honesty.

So here we go…

#1 – For Jereme

Nothing can ever take away who you are.
The hardest hells – the biggest mistakes -
All they can do is hurt your heart
And lie to you and say,
‘You don’t have what it takes’

But I call bullshit on the Devil’s bluff.
He plays the game and plays it well,
But words are not enough
To ever make me sell
The story that’s ours to tell.

We are all in this together -
Joined at the clock and air.
Though time and seasons weather,
Apart we fair but linked we share

If and when you need a hand,
Or a foot or an eye or ear,
I’ll do my very best to stand
Or watch or walk or hear.