Hello friends – Parke here with an update about what’s going on in my world!

It was just a little over a month ago that I release the Wishful Thinking EP! I’ve been blown away by your response and kind words. It’s been a thrill to play house shows and club shows to promote it and I’m just getting started! I’ve started booking shows for 2013 and I’m excited to let you know that I am still booking house shows throughout the Eastern US! So if you’re interested in hosting a show in your living room, email booking@parkeavery.com and we can set up a special night of music and make some awesome memories together.

You can get my EP here –> http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=574975694

Please tell your friends and let me know what you think here!


Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces real soon!

Love Internationally…
Parke Avery